The architect is at the heart of the major issues of sustainable development and it should integrate inherent skill level required for all project development. Rather than outsource these skills and will require a one-time validation of the project by a separate instance of the agency, we have implemented within the agency a continuing education curriculum that ensures a constant level of knowledge and continually updated. Thus, all of the agency's staff has a heavy training cycle renewed annually and addressing one by one all the themes of sustainable development.




Each urban project in a scheduled or a perspective of operational development prospective cannot be separated from the environmental context to which it belongs. Any urban development brings a lot of different and varied impacts on the environment and it is important today to anticipate questioning upstream on the identification and assessment of these risks. In the goal to improve or optimize taking account of the environment in the territories practices, ADEME has developed the environmental approach of urban planning (A.E.U.). By the dynamics that it breathes into the urban projects, this approach represents an opportunity for masters of work and urban book masters.

The mission of the agency is to perform project management services for master of public or private works in the building industry. Due to our profession and to respond ever better and cost expectations of our customers, our staff and regulatory requirements, we chose as architects to move towards customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in implementing within our agency and our co-contractor partners a Quality management system. This allows in particular to better control our project management activities by optimizing the process of our business: we seek to improve and prioritize compliance with the Quality policy, program records, customer tracking, monitoring customer complaints, Quality procedures of the agency.

Julien Labrousse & Jerome Friant