PARIS-Trianon theatre

Restructuring of the Trianon theatre

Rehabilitation operation - Delegated project owner

Surface: 3250 m2

Delivery date: 2011

Typology: Auditorium - effective 1500 persons


Studio Combo spearheaded the complete restructuring of the theater Trianon, Proscenium of 1500 seats built in 1902 by Joseph Cassien Bernard.

The project has an important historic restoration of facades and interior, the place has been for over 60 years a boulevard theater, the room had lost much of its architectural character. Very complex work equipment modernization has also been achieved: carrying out a scene with his freestanding grill with a tray on jacks, disbursement of the room to create a mechanically adjustable floor with a system of automated armchairs. This restoration allowed the Trianon become a major Parisian cultural facility.