Parisian office

Area: 300m2

Delivery Date: 2018

Type: Open space office 

Located in Paris – France, on the roof top of the theater ‘’Elysée Montmarte’’ – monument on the back ‘’Sacre Coeur’’ a contemporary office that brings out the charm of modernity joining the classical architecture that has fascinated the rest of the world for centuries.  

The design sought to defy the average core and shell design of standard corporate office buildings by introducing refreshingly unexpected geometries with the metallic gateway, different flooring levels structure and open space volume that produce new experiences for users.  

The 300sq office seems to be floating on the rooftop by his large glass facade, that marries the structured shape of a tetragon. Keeping the old ‘Eiffel’ structure half-timbered to punctuate the office space and bringing out different perspectives. The resulting visual impact elicits efficiency and innovation while retaining a sense of light playfulness.  

This contemporary extension of Parisian rooftop is a marriage between technological innovations and the sense that something has been shaped by a human hand.    

Furniture details: Tables & all desk system - made to measure / Lamps and small chest of drawers: Editor E15 / Chairs: Arper 

Studio combo - Julien Labrousse & Jerome Friant