Operation of housing nine in former factory

Surface: 1290 m 2

Delivery date: 2011

Typology: Multi-family housing


It is in Montreuil-sous-Bois that we have achieved this restructuring operation of a mixing block commercial premises and dilapidated houses. 

The environment of this renovation project orients us in two directions: anchor the building to its site, give this property to R and R + 3 + 2, built in the 60s, a new life. 

First, we worked building skin and the elements of a new living environment for tenants. The requalification of the envelope we have carried out is not only a technical response to thermal problems; it is a true architectural echo to the environment. 

We realized extensions of their housing outward. It is also the idea to intervene energetically: we replace the woodwork; we isolate the building from the outside. And we have created an additional building with 6 apartments.